Rules for Leaves & Holidays

  • All Sundays and Saturdays is a weekly off.
  • For festive and other public Holidays, kindly refer to the list of Holidays as found at the bottom of this section.
  • There will be no granted leaves within the Probation and the Intimation periods respectively.
  • Post probation period, each developer/designer is entitled for 15 yearly leaves where they will need to seek an approval to each of their leaves before availing them.
  • In case where there are leaves remaining for an employee after completion of his/her 12 month tenure; an equivalent amount will be deposited along with the next salary of that very employee.
  • Each developer/designer is entitled to avail only 1.75 (16 hours of leaves) per month. Any leaves beyond these, may not be approved or granted and will result in salary deduction.
  • Each one would need to seek approval even for these 1.75 leaves. Failure to do so will result in salary deduction of equivalent hours/days.
  • For any or all leaves, all developers/designers are supposed to inform in advance via this HRM system – in time, or else, the leave plea will not be taken into consideration.
  • The approval of leave as well depends on the progress of a given project being assigned to that corresponding developer/designer.
  • In case where developers/designers fail to inform the company in advance, will be entitled for a 2-Day salary deduction for each such leave.
  • For any emergency leaves, without a reasonable justification, the company is entitled to dis- approve and a 2-Day salary cut will be levied as already mentioned in the previous clause.
  • No developer/designer is supposed to leave the office premises without seeking permission.
  • In case of Emergency, or in case of some overloads, company may at any given instance cancel any of the Holidays and offs and may ask the employees to report to work.
  • For bulk leaves, employees are requested to inform the company well in advance, where the company is not liable to approve all of the applied leaves.
  • In-case where an employee has been absent for 15 or more than 15 days in a month, will not be entitled for his/her salary for that corresponding month. This applies to all positions and each and every employee working at PRISM I.T. SYSTEMS.


Following is the list of yearly Holidays for the year 2021.

  1. MakarSankranti/Uttarayan
  2. Republic Day
  3. Dhuleti
  4. Independence Day
  5. Rakshabandhan
  6. Ganesh Visarjan
  7. Dusshera
  8. Diwali
  9. New Year
  10. BhaiBij

Each of the policies as outlined within the above Annexures are applicable to everyone working under Prism I.T. Systems – The Company & its Management.

The Management is entitled to make changes or add further policies as and when required, without any prior notice, discussion or intimation.

Everyone who is a part of Prism I.T. Systems, essentially needs to abide by these rules imperatively.

The Company Management may ask each of the employees to sign up a formal agreement comprising of the above stated policies.

In case of any queries or any sort of discrepancies related to these or future rules and policies, each one is free to put forth his/her concerns in front of the management and seek a resolution to the matter.

The overall working atmosphere at Prism I.T. Systems is simple, friendly and everyone working under Prism I.T. Systems is considered as a vital organ of The Company and shares equal value of importance to The Company and its Management.